ASX – NAB share price forecast 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030

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NAB Share Price Forecast 2025:

NAB share price forecast 2025
NAB Share Price Forecast 2025

The estimated peak share price for National Australia Bank Ltd. or NAB in 2025 is $29.15, the lowest price is $28.58 and the average price is $28.86.

The forecast provides an overall picture of the potential performance of NAB’s stock through 2025. The figures provide a rough idea of what the stock could trade for during the year and at the same time what amount of outcome investors can expect.

High price: $29.15
The stock may rise to a maximum of $29.15 this year. It indicates that, under favorable conditions, the stock may rise to this level by 2025. Strong financial performance, positive news and overall market conditions may contribute to reaching this price point

Low price: $28.58
Conversely, this estimate of $28.58 indicates the lowest possible price for NAB’s stock in 2025. This means the stock may reach or fall to this lowest point during the year. It can be affected by various factors like market economic conditions, company performance, and industry trends.

Average price: $28.86
The average price estimate of $28.86 is the arithmetic mean of the low and high prices. It serves as a midpoint that investors can consider as an overall scenario for the stock’s performance. This value indicates the potential price range and provides a good estimate of where the stock is likely to trade on average.

It is important to note that these forecasts depend on various factors including historical price trends, market analysis, economic indicators and NAB’s future performance. However, share prices can be affected by many unpredictable factors, including global events, regulatory changes, technological advances and changes in investor sentiment. As a result, this predicted price may differ from the actual price.

Therefore, before investing in any stock, all investors must have a good understanding of that stock and gain knowledge about the stock market. It is essential to consider the assumptions in the larger context of financial markets and the banking industry as a whole.

NAB share price forecast 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030

YearLow PriceHigh PriceAverage
NAB Share Price Forecast 2023$25.46$28.12$26.79
NAB Share Price Forecast 2024$27.59$27.97$27.78
NAB Share Price Forecast 2025$28.58$29.15$28.86
NAB Share Price Forecast 2026$30.38$31.58$30.98
NAB Share Price Forecast 2027$32.70$34.35$33.53
NAB Share Price Forecast 2028$36.15$37.89$37.02
NAB Share Price Forecast 2029$40.40$42.68$41.54
NAB Share Price Forecast 2030$44.00$47.00$45.5
NAB share price forecast 2025 to 2030

NAB Share Price Forecast 2023:

NAB Share Price Forecast 2025
  • Low Price: $25.46
  • High Price: $28.12
  • Average Price: $26.79

NAB Share Price Forecast 2024:

NAB Share Price Forecast 2025
  • Low Price: $27.59
  • High Price: $27.97
  • Average Price: $27.78.

NAB Share Price Forecast 2025:

  • Low Price: $28.58
  • High Price: $29.15
  • Average Price: $28.86

The forecast continued an upward trend in 2025. The average price is expected to be $28.86.

NAB Share Price Forecast 2026:

  • Low Price: $30.38
  • High Price: $31.58
  • Average Price: $30.98

In 2026 NAB’s share price is expected to continue its upward trend even higher than the previous years with an average price of $30.98.

NAB Share Price Forecast 2027:

  • Low Price: $32.70
  • High Price: $34.35
  • Average Price: $33.53

In 2027 NAB’s share price may reach its upward momentum peak. The average price is expected to be $33.53.

NAB Share Price Forecast 2028:

  • Low Price: $36.15
  • High Price: $37.89
  • Average Price: $37.02

In 2028 stock prices are expected to increase in terms of average price, highest price and lowest price.

NAB Share Price Forecast 2029:

  • Low Price: $40.40
  • High Price: $42.68
  • Average Price: $41.54

In 2029 the share price may further increase. Share prices may reach higher levels this year. The average price this year is expected to be $41.54.

NAB Share Price Forecast 2030:

  • Low Price: $44.00
  • High Price: $47.00
  • Average Price: $45.50

The above predictions are only mathematically determined approximations. Estimates may differ from actual market prices. If you want to invest in these shares, always consult financial experts and do thorough research before taking any decision.

As an investor in the stock market, it is very important to understand the stock price forecast before taking important decisions. The forecast presented here provides an approximate idea of NAB’s likely performance over the next few years. Remember that investing in the stock market carries risks and it is essential to conduct a thorough review and seek professional advice before making any investment decision.

Factors that can impact NAB’s Share Price

Before analyzing the aforementioned forecasts, below is an overview of the factors that may affect NAB’s share price. It is very important to consider the influencing factors before taking shares. These factors can be both internal and external, including:

Macroeconomic Conditions

Overall economic conditions can significantly impact the banking sector and NAB is no exception. Factors such as interest rates, inflation, and GDP growth can affect investors’ investment sentiment and, in turn, affect stock prices.

Financial Performance

NAB’s financial performance, including its revenue, profitability and asset quality, will play a key role in determining its share price. Positive financial results can attract more investors and can result in increasing stock prices.

Regulatory Changes

The banking industry is heavily regulated. And changes in laws may affect NAB’s operations and profitability, and affect its share price.

State of the Australian economy:

NAB’s share price is expected to do well as the Australian economy is a growing economy. However, stocks can also be affected by economic downturns.

Interest rates

NAB’s share price falls when interest rates rise. However, if the interest rate falls, the share price may also increase.

The bank’s ability to grow its earnings and dividends

NAB’s share price is on the upswing as the bank looks to increase its earnings and dividend. However, the share may also lose its dividend during a downturn in the bank’s earnings or dividends.

About National Australia Bank (NAB)

National Australia Bank (NAB) is one of Australia’s big four banks. Its share price has been on a roller coaster ride for the past few decades. The stock has experienced both high and low periods and is currently trading around $26.00 per share.

NAB’s stock price history can be divided into three main phases:

  • 1980s and 1990s: This was a period of growth for NAB. During this time, its share price rose steadily. The stock peaked at $35.00 per share in 1999.
  • 2000s: The 2000s were more challenging times for NAB. During this time the share price fell rapidly. The stock hit a low of $13.00 per share in 2009.
  • 2010 and 2020: 2010 to 2020 was a period of recovery for NAB and its share price continued to rise. The stock reached an all-time high of $30.00 per share in 2020.

NAB share price Forecast 2025 FAQ

What is the future value of NAB stock?

NAB’s share price could reach $30.00 per share in the next few years. However, some other analysts believe the stock price could fall as low as $20.00 per share. As the future price of NAB’s stock depends on many factors, it is difficult to predict.

NAB is a buy sell or hold?

The decision to buy, sell or hold NAB is entirely personal. You should conduct your own thorough review and ensure that you are aware of the risks involved before making any investment decision.

Here are some pros and cons of investing in NAB:


  • NAB’s long history proves that it is a well-established bank.
  • The bank has a strong financial position.
  • NAB pays dividends.


  • Bank share prices are volatile.
  • The bank is increasingly facing competition from other banks.
  • Banks are subject to government regulations.

Are NAB shares a good investment?

NAB shares can be a good investment for investors who are looking for a long-term investment in a strong well-established bank. However, investors should be aware of the risks involved in this regard. Such as share price volatility and increasing competition in the banking sector and more.

What is NAB Dividend Yield 2023?

National Australia Bank Limited (NAB)’s dividend yield for 2023 is 5.82%. This is based on a current share price of AUD$27.80 and a dividend of AUD$0.83 per share payable on July 5, 2023.

NAB has a history of reliable dividend payments and its dividend payout ratio is currently higher than the Australian market average. This makes NAB a good source of income for investors who want guaranteed income from their invested money.

However, it is important to remember that dividends can fluctuate over time, so always check the latest information before making an investment decision.

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